A dance called ‘the slosh’

The Slosh was a popular line dance in the 1970s. It is characterized by steps, kicks and turns that are repeated over and over. The lovely Peg Kelly from Limerick loves to dance and decided to teach a group of both young and old how to do this dance. We all had great fun and there was plenty of laughter.

Guidelines on how to do ‘the slosh’

Play a song in 4/4 (four beats a measure) time. Walk forward in a short zigzag line by taking three steps diagonally, starting with the left foot, then a right-foot kick toward the right, diagonally. Plant the kicked right foot on the next beat and take three more steps, ending with a left-foot kick to the right and a step. End the third line section with a right kick fully to your side and three steps directly to the side of the room, ending with the following moves on a successive beat: a tap with your right hand of your left foot in the back, a right elbow to the right raised knee and finally a clap under the left raised knee. Immediately lower your left knee as the first of three diagonal steps toward the left and the repeat of Step 2. Continue turning toward a different side of the room as you continue through the Slosh. After your fourth progression through, you should be facing the same side of the room as when you started.