Welcome to the Transnational Cultural Heritage Archive!
a product of the PLACE-EE project: Platforms for Ageing Community Engagement – Exchange and Enterprise.

The Archive was created by intergenerational teams working in the four PLACE-EE project areas – Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Iceland and Sweden. It contains a wide range of material relating to life years ago – traditions, crafts, song, music, employment, history, and household life.

Theere is also material documenting how the project was carried out.

If you have any suggestions or experience problems with the archive please write to place-ee@ulster.ac.uk

Limerick, Ireland

Västerbotten, Sweden

Fjardabyggd, Iceland

Fermanagh & Omagh, N. Ireland

All over the world, societies are developing and communities are changing, partly due to the increasing use and development of new technologies, including mobile phones, tablets and other kinds of computers with a host of different applications.

While these changes bring many improvements, there is also a risk that culturally important knowledge is lost relating to our heritage, for example, handcrafts and other skills, local histories and life-enhancing traditions. Older people may still remember this knowledge, but it is not always passed on to future generations.

The PLACE-EE project facilitated the coming together of older and younger people in intergenerational workshops.  Older citizens shared their rich store of memories and artifacts with the younger participants. This website is a place where members of the 4 different communities participating in the project can store and share cultural heritage, knowledge, and skills. You can find photos, stories, video clips, and more. The Archive also includes materials that show how the younger and older people worked together and their views on the value of this intergenerational working.