The Punt Purse, The Sterling Purse and The Euro Purse

After a decade of preparations, the euro was launched on 1 January 1999: for the first three years it was an ‘invisible’ currency, only used for accounting purposes and electronic payments. Coins and banknotes were launched on 1 January 2002, and in 12 EU countries the biggest cash changeover in history took place.

Eoghan explains the border phenomenon of the ‘Punt Purse, the Sterling Purse and the Euro Purse’.

Mervyn’s Nose Tongs

Mervyn shows the group his Bull-holders, also known as bull-tongs or nose-tongs. Designed to assist the handler to control a cow with minimal risk of injury or disruption by exerting stress on one of the most sensitive parts of the animal, the nose. They have a pliers action and are used for short periods on grown cattle when they are being mouthed or drenched. The thumb and forefinger may also used in this way on smaller animals.


Emily’s Barometer

Pre-weather forecasting, a trusty barometer was the best way to know what lay ahead.

A barometer measures the atmospheric air pressure, which indicates how the weather is likely to be changing over the next 12/24 hours. A rise in pressure usually means improving weather while a falling pressure can reflect poorer weather conditions to come. Barometer pressure is expressed in millibars(mb) or in inches.