The Nine Daughters Hole in Ballybunion, Ireland

The nine daughters hole is a blowhole, a natural formation located on the coast of Kerry in Ireland. According to local legend, the 9 daughters of a local chieftain fell in love with 9 invading Vikings, and planned to elope. The chieftain threw his daughters and the Vikings into the blowhole where they drowned.

This interesting project related to the Nine Daughters Hole which was completed by Claire O Gorman and Ciara Brouder from Limerick, Ireland.

Click this link to view the project:

Claire O Gorman and Ciara Brouder- Nine Daughters Hole

Claire and Ciara at the Place EE Certification Ceremony during Limerick’s final workshop.
Claire working hard at her project in workshop 6- the new IT skills are becoming useful.
Claire and Ciara using an Smart device to create a document for this cultural archive.

Please click on this link if you would like to find out more information about the history of the ‘Nine Daughters Hole’: